Monday, 28 March 2011

Messy me!

People who know me very well say I'm a tidy girl. Yes, it's not wrong at all, I'm an "order oriented person".
But sometime, well, I'm so messy!
Messy and really unproductive girl, like in these days! Shame on me.

This in the photo is my desk now.
We are painting the walls of our living room and kitchen, so we have moved a lot of things and stocked them everywhere.
My sewing machine (I called it "La poderosa") is now under my desk, together with the trunk where I save my favourite fabrics and a big bag of scraps.
And on the desk? Some of my new bags, tiny minimoopy, a cup of coffee I was sipping ten minutes ago, a new pattern from Ithinksew (this one) I've cut today, the pincushion I made in february 2009, a recycled bag strap from my aunt (in perfect conditions, as usual) in vivid green, scissors, my favourite necklace (it's from Mali and it represents an african mask... probably i'll show it in a future post), mum's clock, my spools' box and the new turquoise crocheted bag, with bamboo handle, I made with my aunt's help as usual (do you remember this and this?).
Oh, my god!

I'm not crafting in these days. I don't know why. Probably I need to tidy up my home to restart.
Anyway, I've read the beautiful issue 2 of "Craftsanity magazine" (I've bought the .pdf) and tried to paint on vintage printed paper (from an old ugly book I have at home) with ugly results.
I'm obsessed by hexagons (I want to make some cushions I saw in Flickr albums). Again. And I'm not the only one in the crafty world, I've noticed :)
And I have a long list of creative ideas... I only need the energy and the time to make them real!


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