Saturday, 11 October 2014

A failed project: t-shirt yarn mat

Sometimes things don't go as planned in my crafty world.
And I'm very disapponted this time! -____-
I have a big amount of t-shirt yarn in my stash and last July I decided to use it in some ways. 

After a bad start with my giant crochet hook, I turned to braiding the yarn to have a continuous braid to sew on my sewing machine and making a little mat for my desk.
You probably know what I'm writing about: my plans were to make something like this or this
They are so beautiful and colorful!!!

I followed the instructions, but, uhm, my mat started to curve. 
I haven't pulled my braid, I don't know what happened exactly, but I had this:

An ugly shapeless "thing". Whithout a regular shape, a sort of trod "sombrero" (the typicall mexican hat).

I finished to work on it some days ago and now it rests on my desk waiting to know its future destiny: the trash can or a new life?
I don't know.
I takes a more regular shape if I fold it in two:

But I can't see any use of it folded in this way!
And, yes, the curve shape suggests it can become a basket, but it's so crooked! It drives me crazy!!!

This is not the first time for me to see a projects that fails: do you remember my ugly bird?
But this time it's worse!
Anyway, this week other projects went oh, so, good! I'm making new bags for the shop and luckily they are very well done and beautiful, in my opinion. You can see a preview here and here
Suggestions about my failed mat are welcome, too!

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