Monday, 11 August 2014

Taking photos on the beach + new items in the shop

The beach isn't only a good place to make art, but the special light we have there in the late afternoon, when the sun is almost gone, can be perfect to take photos.
In my last trip to the beach (looking to Mount Etna on the left and Ionian Sea on the right) I photographed the last thing I made for my shop: a tiny coin purse.

I like to take photos of my items outdoor. 
I get better images than indoor, because the light is more clear and "clean" and spreads gently all around the object. 
Of course I'm writing about the light you have in the shade or when the sky is cloudy; you will have very ugly photos (in my opinion) if you take photos under the burning sun.
I like so much the light and the sharpness I get in my outdoor photos that I started to bring my handmade items in the country, in the garden and even to the beach hoping to capture a good image of them.
And sometimes I'm very pleased by the result, expecially when I find a beautiful and rustic background like in this photo and in this one.

About taking photos of my new coin purse... I'm not 100% satisfied. 
Although the light was just perfect (clouds!), the color of the sand and the stones was too much similar to to beige cotton of the purse. 

So I went on using the sky and the sea as background: they give an interesting contrast, but these kind of photos aren't the best choice to be published on Etsy and be included into treasuries (although some buyers use beach photos: this is lovely).

But, since I have no time to take photos again, I uploaded them the same in my item's page.

It's a little coin purse I made sewing together by hands two of the granny squares I crocheted last summer (of course I've been inspired by my mp3 readers' case, always with me in my bag).
I added a beige lining (cotton fabric) and a zipper.

I've also added a new embroidered moleskine cover in the shop some days ago:

Photos taken indoor this time.
This cover is one of my favourite pieces in the shop now. I've experimented with monocromatic embroidery for the first time and I love it!

Flowers are a very common subject of my drawing and my embroidery and, as usual, I realized these without a pre-traced pattern on the fabric. The embroidery is improvized at the moment. This is my favourite way to embroider: I simply "draw" with needles and threads.

I'm selling this cover with its journal inside:

So these are the news about my shop. But I'm going to leave my home to spend the holidays at mum's home, so I think I have to set the shop in vacation mode for a while.

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  1. Great idea to take photo on the beach. Great picture. Sure, your purse will soon be sold.


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