Friday, 14 March 2014

Using my stamps: handmade stickers

I'm in love with carving stamps with my hands.
I love the idea of making little tools which allow you to repeat your "works of art" without limits. 
But, to be honest, I rarely use my stamps in very creative ways. I used to decorate pages and envelopes with them and anything else.
This happened till last wednesday, when a simple but funny idea knocked to my brain: stickers made with my stamps! 
Uh, sounds good!
I picked up some ready adhesive labels (not sure about their name in english) and started to decorate them with my stamps.

Then I cut around them with my scissors and ... ta-daaah!!! I got cute and unique stickers! :)

A very easy and quick project to fill some minutes with!
I want to use my stickers to close envelopes and decorate cards. 
I made some foxes, swordfishes, leaves, birds, stars and red hearts. But I also have other animals (+ a dino!) to play with in the future.

As usual I tested the final product on my moleskine journal, adding also the date with the date stamp S. gave me last october:

This experiment gave me some happy moments and now I'm looking for other creative ways to use hand-carved stamps.
If you have some suggestions, please, leave a comment!

[Sorry for the bad quality of the photos in this post. Artificial light doesn't help!]


  1. Great idea! Love your stickers!

  2. I love them! I think I'll try to make some customized stamps with my etsy shop logo to add to my packaging...thanks for sharing!


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