Wednesday, 5 March 2014

Simple happy things: yellow flowers

Little things which make me happy: the coulors and the elegant smell of these yellow flowers. 
S. and I are growing them in three different pots situated in differents corners of our home. They look like little stars at night :)

I call them "narcisi" in italian. I used to translate this word as "daffodils", but after a quick reaserch into my english dictionary I noticed that there is also the word "narcissus". Now I'm a bit confused about their real name, can someone help me?

They are so delicate and beautiful!
I like to have nature outside and inside my home, I need to stay connected with nature!

Share with me what you like into your home and if you have some little happy things with you in these days! Write a comment!

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  1. I sent a comment, but it didn't "take" :-/ Just wanted to say that your flower photos are lovely.


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