Monday, 11 November 2013

Inspired by Pinterest: washi tape stamps!

I had a lot of fun yesterday! I spent some time working on a little project and letting my creativity flow free.
Reinvigorating! :)
Sunday afternoon, alone at home, darkness and cold wind out of the window... and me sitting on my desk making what I love: simply perfect to end the week!
And what I've done?
After a very long long time I decided to carv a stamp!
Inspired by this pin I've carved two stamps that simulate a washi tape "cut".
Of course I've tested them in my moleskine, as usual. 
I used them alone, just to test and adjust the design, and with two photos from a magazine. And I used my new stamp with the date, too! :)
I'm not 100% happy of the final result, but I've really enjoyed the process. Oh, how I've missed handcarving!!!
To be clear, the stamps are those green pieces of adigraf in the photo.
The stamps need  to be fixed to a rigid board, like the one I've made for the dala horse stamp.
There is a white space on the left of the page: I'll fill it with words today!

1 comment:

  1. Cool idea! Especially if you use it to tape down other stamped images...


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