Wednesday, 22 August 2012

Fun on the beach - Making art with pebbles

I'm finally at home after a week of holidays in a beautiful little town on the northern coast of Sicily (and this is the reason why I haven't posted a word recently).
S. and I shared an apartment with two friends, like last year.

We spent a lot of time on the beach, where big and little pebbles caught my attention and opened new ways for our creativity.

All started with me drawing portraits (of S. and our fiends) on tiny and flats rocks:

I inspired our friends to do the same, but they liked best to caricature:

And later we discovered that nail polish is amazing on the rough surface of pebbles, expecially for abstract art:

I have this painted pebbles on my bedside table now, it's my new talisman :)

If you are on a beach covered by little stones and want to make art, but you have no tools... you can follow a prehistoric way, like S. did:

Graffitis are an evergreen :)

This isn't the first time I look at art on stones.
I had big projects last year about a serie of landscapes painted on sea stones, but I gave up.
I'm still inspired by other works of art on this unconventional medium, like...
... these nautical fridge magnets
... these amazing alphabet (oh, I'm obsessed by alphabets!)
... mum's nativity (not posted yet), but beautiful like other nativities she made (here a similar one a find on Etsy)
... little buildings, like this
... all sabina's portraits of young ladies, like these (so beautiful!)


  1. bello questo post! i sassolini raccolti sulla spiaggia hanno una magia particolare,ci fanno tornare bambini! grazie davvero!

    1. prego!
      i tuoi lavori mi piacciono davvero molto :)

  2. Ho fatto una cosa come questa una volta. Ho dipinto un set di scacchi per mia figlia.

    Did I write that correctly? :)


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