Monday, 16 April 2012

Yellow+white again

Do you remember me blathering about the colors' combo yellow+write around Easter?
Well, by mere coincidence today I finished a project (started soome weeks ago and abandoned) in these colors (+ a touch of brown).
It's another crocheted basket made of recycled t-shirt yarn, here in a photo together with its brother, basket n.1:

It's bigger than the previous one and stronger, too! It's wide enough to hold Mr. Buh when he needs to rest and nap! He looks so happy sitting in it :)

I added two little handles made of two leftovers of brown fabric. I really like brown, because it looks great with a lot of colors, like yellow, light blue, green, red, orange...

This t-shirt yarn (and so the basket) is particularly important for me. It used to be a tank top I wore a lot summer after summer. It was my favourite top because it was light and fresh (high quality cotton), ideal for hot italian summers. I wore it so long that some holes quickly presented themselves :(
But my love for the top suggested me to recycle it, instead of throw it away!
So now my home has a lovely little basket!
I like crafty things with a story, ah ah! :P

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