Wednesday, 18 April 2012

No sewing week

My "no sewing week" started last monday.
I'm spending the whole week without sewing.
No thread, no fabric, no needles... nothing sewing-related will be part of my week.
Guess why?
My head is so full of projects, ideas, experiments to try, patterns to text, etc. that my brain refuses to work. And my hand consequently, of course.
Last week I:
- broke two needles
- made a lot of mistakes in cutting the fabric for a super simple coin purse
- had a lot of trubles with thread's tension
- started a lot of projects and abandoned them because something was going wrong
- became nervous -__-
So I decided to stop and try to clean my brain.

I think this is a common problem.
An incredible amount of inspirations, suggestions and ideas bombards us in the creative/crafty world.
And we want to do a lot of things, but simply we can't (time and energy aren't enough). And all these ideas clump in our brain and confound it.

I need fresh air, so I stopped my sewing routine.
This week in my spare time I'm:
- reading a novel
- reading my favourite magazines
- cleaning the home more than usual and in a better way
- writing in my moleskine journal, almost finished
- crocheting (a project finished!)
- sorting out my craft supplies
- walking a lot
- drawing

And probably this no-sewing week will last more than a week.
S. and I will leave Sicily next friday to go to visit my parents and friends in the north. We'll stay there 10 days and I'm so excited!:)
We'll celebrate my birthday (sunday 22) and my parents' anniversary and do a lot of lovely things (already planned in my mind).

I hope to come back in sicily with a brain enough clean to sew all I want:
- two bags ordered by two lovely girls
- bike bags
- new tops for me (and skirts, too)
- wallets for men
- new table runner for my kitchen (more summery than the previous one)

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  1. I think we all should have something like your "no sewing week" to feel clearheaded! It's a great project as well :D


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