Monday, 23 April 2012

Amazing birthday

Hi, everyone! :)
I'm writing from my parents' home. We are having a great holiday here!

Yesterday we celebrated my 35° birthday and I smiled all day! :)
This has been probably one of the best birthdays of my life, because:
- the sun shined all day
- the day started checking my e-mails and I noticed that an australian buyer purchased one of my items. Happy me!
- Mum coocked for me a birthday lunch and we eat my favourite dish of the north: polenta!
- After lunch my aunt, my big cousins and the little dog Mila came to visit me and we eat cake together (and we had a lot of fun!). Really a yummy cake, look:

- Then S. and I visited a lovely museum in my favourite town (Lodi): the "Printing and art print making museum" (I'm going to write a blog post about it, because I have a lot of things to show you!).

- I met my lovely friends Alice, Cri and Pietro for dinner: we had pizza in Lodi. How I missed them in these 3 months in Sicily!

A lovely day, full of joy and beautiful things!


  1. I'm happy for your happy moments! Love the print museum shot :D

  2. Oh Silvia, Happy, happy birthday! I am so sorry to have missed it - your birthday happened right when i returned home from visiting my sister and finding I did not want to jump back into TV, phones, and internet!!!

    So here I am, trying to get caught up and find i missed your day!

    It is marked on my calendar now!!!


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