Thursday, 15 September 2011

A green mouse and a purple owl °___°

As promised, I'm showing you two crocheted friends I've recently finished.
I'm working with some old yarn leftovers we have at home, so, please, don't ask why my mouse is green and my owl is purple.
It's my tiny crocheted world, there aren't rules about colors!

This is Mentina[*] the mouse:

I've realized it watching two good movies ("Vatel" and "Will Hunting") on the sofa with S.
[*] Menta is the italian word for mint, Mentina is a diminutive.

And this is Goccia[*], the owl:

A bit felted,  two bottons are its eyes, it will become a funny ornament thanks to a chain coming from the head.
[*] Goccia in italian means drop.

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