Sunday, 22 January 2017

WILD [my word of the year 2017]

Hi everyone!
Yes, I'm still alive!
Very very busy at the moment, but full of strenght and ready to start the new year with good energy!

In these first days of 2017 I dedicated part of my free time to find my word of the year 2017.
A lot of people in the world are doing it and I find it very inspirational for my daily life, my job and my creative journey.

I followed the (free!) course by Susannah Conway
It's a 5 days path, full of ideas and good advices to find the right word.
To be honest, I was so busy (for my jobs) that I needed 10 days to complete the course. At day 3 I started to feel a bit confused, because a big amount of words was rolling here and there in my brain.

But at day 4... an epiphany! 
I was 100% sure about my word for 2017.

My word of the year 2017 is WILD!

I started to brainstorm in the last pages of my Moleskine journal the meaning of "wild" (to me, of course). 

journaling about word of the year

I wrote in italian, but I'd like to translate something for you.

WILD means:
- to be close to nature, animals and plants
- to be in contact with instinct and inner energies
- to live a simple and basic life
- to live respecting nature's rules and the cicle of seasons
- courage
- defense of territory
- to explore
- to take care of the nest
- to avoid all is artefact and empty social convention
- to take care of the herd
- cold, hot, hunger, dirt
- green, brown, blue
- freedom
- to roar, to howl, to purr
- to go hunting
- to leave footprints

Oh, it's so inspiring and full of meaning to me!!!
There's in this list something in common to being a little fox, but something more, too!

And now?
How to bring the word of the year into real life?
The first thing I've done is this little painted pebble:

working around your word of the year - wild - painted pebble

I've decorated it with a black marker and nail polish in different colours (+ transparent to finish the surface).
Now it's into my wallet, among coins.
I use coins everyday, expecially to buy fresh bread (you know, I'm italian).
So I'm sure to have a lot of opportunities to see this little pebble and my word! I think it's a good idea to remember it during busy day, when you start to be a bit "disconnected".

I'd like to find other creative ways to have my word with me. Are you interested? I could write a post about them (next week).

In the meantime you can look for the hashtag #woty2017 to discover something about other people' word of the year and their ways to make them live into their daily life.

I'd like to know if you have a word of the year for 2017 or not. 
Share it with me in the comments!
Any suggestions for my next post?

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