Sunday, 27 January 2013

Spotted Photo Theme - Critters!

I'm working to a photographic project in these days, browsing through my folders and tidying them up.
Doing this, I noticed I have so many photos I haven't posted here (or on Flickr)! Most of them are from the past, from that period I haven't started to blog yet.
I was wondering about what to do with them here in my blog, when Hanna gave me the idea I was looking for!
So I joined her in her lovely "game" called "spotted photo theme"!
Hanna will choose a theme monthly and we will post photos we took in the past around that subject! Isn't a great idea?
Let's start today with the theme "Critters"!
Hanna posted amazing photos of Smilla the cat, one of the protagonists of her blog and life.
I haven't a pet here in my new sicilian home, but my life is full of lovely critters the same and they keep me company day after day.
Animals and little creatures are a big part of my life :)
Dad's tortoises - I took this photo 7 years ago. Now these two tiny creatures are bigger: they became voracious grass eaters!
I like the take photos when they finish hibernation and start to move around covered by mud. Dad owns 6 turtles and I love all of them, especially Felice!
Mila, AuntFran's dog - the queen of the home, a bit noisy and irritable, but funny!
Birds - S. and I are going on feeding the birds who live around our house and we enjoy the sight of a lot of robins (like last year), sparrows, blackcaps, stonechats and other beautiful birds!
Sheeps - They are everywhere here in Sicily! In this photo you can see part of my father-in-law's herd four years ago.
Insects - I have no problems with insects (with the exception of beetles and hornets... they are scary!!!). Some of them are so lovely!!!
I love what tiny insects can do in their little life.
In the photo you can see the nest made by a particular species of wasp: we call it "vespa vasaia" (= potter wasp), because she makes beautiful nests like this with mud. Amazing!
Photo taken 7 years ago in my parents' garden!
My handmade creatures - You probably know I really like to create little animals! In the photo you can see Oscar the dog, born last october. They live with me in my home: it is slowly becaming a sort of handmade zoo :))
If you're interested, here there are all the softies I made recently and here all is about animals in my blog!
It's enough for today!
I'm going to cook for a sunday lunch with the whole family today!
I really enjoyed this theme and can't wait to post photos about the second one! :)
Uh, if you have time... read here for two amazing photos taken by my dad this winter (a robin, a rabbit).


  1. Now I know what a potter wasp is, amazing nest...
    Loved your tortoise photo, we had one for almost thirty years. Someone found him after leaving our garden, brought him to an animal shelter and went missing there. We think someone stole him,we never got him back,( they are valuable here.) People always think they are boring but not! We still miss him.

    1. Sad story :(
      Tortoise always try to escape and explore the world! And no, they aren't boring animals, I agree!


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