Monday, 14 May 2012

The most colorful bag I've made

Last friday I finished this bag for Sonia. She asked me for a "japanese knot" bag some weeks ago and she picked up this ikea fabric for it. I matched a red cotton fot the lining.
This bag is so colorful! And the pattern of stylized flowers and dots is so funny!
This is probably the most bright and vivid bag I made :)
I like it and this surprises me a bit, because I usually am not attracted to this kind of colors for accessories. I have some pieces of this fabric (wide leftovers) and I think I'm going to give it another chance! Colorful items are coming in my shop :)

I drew the pattern for this bag by myself and saved it (on paper) for other future bags of this kind.
But, if you are interested, here you can donwload a free pattern to make it.
And don't forget to visit Sonia's shop and blog: lovely ceramics made in Italy!


  1. Adorable bag! Love the colors and the shape :)

  2. Fortunately our taste may change with mood, season etc I think it's a very good sign! Anyway, the bag is wonderful :D

  3. Wow, that's amazing! Fanne altre è strabella! :D

  4. WOW! Such a beautiful bag!
    With all these colors it's perfect for summer season ^_^

  5. That fabric is so wonderfully bright and fun! I really like it!

  6. Haha! I am not the only one who loves your beautiful bag in bright and cheery colors! Makes me think summer! Happiness! Joy! Exuberance! Fun!

  7. Oops - in my excitement I forgot my manners! thank you so much for the download for the pattern AND for the link to Sonia's shop!

    LOVE her ceramics!


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